Monday, February 23, 2009

Nava sandesha Yatra continues in Thrissur

Nava sandesha yatra, crosses palakkad boundary and enters Thrissur. Yesterday, Thrissur District Commitee, welcomed yatra lead by state president Mr K. Muraleedharan from playzhi, thrissur-palakkad boundry in morning.

Yatra was received by the supporters with a huge enthusiasm in various Legistlative constituency area's Chelakara, vadakkanchery, Kunnamkullam, Chavakkad, Vattanapilly, Thrissur and ollur.

With huge people participation, than decorative rally, yatra stands distinguished comparing with other march's lead by Congress and CPI(M). At thrissur, yatra received a warn reception with more than 5000 people which even amazed the leadership. Muraleedharan announced there that an urgent core committee meeting will be held on today and will decide to field candidates in all 20 constituency. Also told that, Due to the people's request and confident, party is confident in winning some constituency and also will float a good competences in the rest of constituency.

He also pointed out that neither UDF nor LDF are not aware for real problem of people. They are behind SNC lavin which is their political problem.

Today march will hold meetings in rest of constituency in trissur and will enter to Ernakullam District on tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

NCP is Confident of backing of uncommitted voters in kerala, says Murali

The Nava Sandesha Yatra led by Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) continued its journey through Kozhikode district on Wednesday with its leader and NCP State president K. Muraleedharan exuding confidence that his party would be able win in a large measure the confidence of uncommitted voters who are capable of deciding outcome of elections in the State.

By Tuesday night, the Yatra had covered 24 Assembly constituencies, after it was flagged off from Manjeswaram Assembly constituency in Kasaragod district on February 14.

“As much as 40 per cent of voters in Kerala have no fixed political loyalty. They are neither with Left Democratic Front or United Democratic Front. In our perception they would support our stand on various issues,” Mr. Muraleedharan claimed, while speaking to mediapersons before resuming the Yatra through Kozhikode on Wednesday morning.

NCP leaders organising the programme K. Pravin Kumar and M.P. Suryanarayanan said the public response to the Nava Sandesha Yatra has been enthusiastic. “Public participation has exceeded our expectations. There were large crowds even at meetings held late in the night in interior places even though the CPI(M)’s Nava Kerala Yatra and the Kerala Samrakshana Yatra of the Congress passed through these places only very recently,” they said.

Mr. Muraleedharan had been reminding his audience at public meetings that the very survival of NCP as a political force to be reckoned with against heavy odds was the best testimonial to its strength and mass support.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nava sandesha yatra- a roadshow with people's participation

Comparing with peoples participation in Congress led "Save Kerala" or 'Kerala Raksha' roadshow, NCP party's roadshow 'Nava sandesha yatra - 2009' seems to has better peoples participation. When congress is finding difficult to ensure peoples participation, NCP decorates with People.

This solely indicates that supporters are still with NCP and Muraleedharan, even he is not a Panchayath Member. Even CPI(M) led roadshow 'Nava Kerala Yatra', is spending a lot of money for ensuring the people participation, a party which don't have money or power, is able to do a similar one while counting people participation.

There is strong opposition by the people in kerala against UDF and LDF. This factor really increases the strength of parties like NCP and BJP. It is time for a revamp in the leaders of congress at least to stop this eradication.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nava Sandesha Yatra-Feb 2009 begin's from Kasarkode

With the pride and support, NCP's Kerala Unit president Mr. K Muraleedharan led roadshow has been flag off by Mr Peethambaran master on February 15 from kasarkode dist. It will end at Trivandrum on 17th march.

While addressing in the flag off function at Kasargode, Mr Muraleedharan announced that party had decided to field candidates in 7 lokshaba consistency of kerala for the election. In rest of the consistency, decision's will be taken in the coming days. 7 consistuency where decision are taken includes, trivandrum, Allaphuzha, Ernakullam, Iddukki, Ponnani, Kozhikode, and waynnad.

In these consistencies, NCP has a strong presences which even help to compete with the collision fronts by standing single.

Dear Voters we request to vote for NCP as it is only existing party for poor mass and state development vision. Start campaigning for NCP to create a better Kerala

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NCP-A political party for the people in kerala

When a group of people launched NCP in india, simultaneously some leaders of congress in kerala also joined with Mr. Pawar to fprm NCP in kerala. Later Mr. K Muraleedharan Ex KPCC president, Ex MP of india joined with NCP which powered to NCP to be one of the front player political party in kerala.

With the quite different vision and a cader form, NCP stands different compared with Congress in kerala